McJude (mcjude) wrote in sea_biscuit,

Tyr's Bone Blades

I don't write on any Andromeda boards and so probably this has been discussed to pieces, but I still don't have a grasp on what the loss of Tyr's bone blades meant this season. (Other than of course the fact that KHC did not like wearing them.) There were a few references that you didn't need them to be a Nietzschean (yet the whole thing about genetic purity still remained -- even to his final conversation with Beka). There was something that physically still identified Tyr as a Niet unlike the man at the end of season two who had his removed in order to "pass" as human. I am writing a story now where Tyr's son is old enough to realize that his father is different and he needs n explanation. If anyone can help, even with an original theory, it would be greatly appreciated.
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