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Shadows Cast By Slash

Okay, so I just watched the season finale of Andromeda. If it hasn't aired yet where you live, even if you haven't watched in ages (Laura, I'm looking at you), you have to watch this one. It's insanely, inordinately slashy. Just ... forty minutes in, kissing wouldn't have surprised me. If you don't mind the spoilers, or if you've already watched, my fevered stream-of-consciousness thoughts are

Seventeen minutes in and I'm so confused. All I know is that Trance is scared.

Is that the tree of fate or whatever?

Rommie pouts so prettily when she's being messed with.

And I just now noticed that they seem to have redesigned command.

From a slasher's perspective, this whole episode seems to be about breaking up partners (in that way). Dylan and Harper seem to feel Tyr's betrayal much more personally than, say, Beka. Tyr is ready to cry over having to condemn Dylan (not to mention that, in his list of traits, he puts first that Dylan is beautiful). Frankly, Dylan and Tyr are both going to cry. This is a lot more tender than I would think the meeting of bitter enemies would be. I think this is supposed to be all violent betrayal, but in every scene, it's more like a very sensitive high school boy moving to a new town.

To be honest, at this point, I abandoned the LJ window in favor of trying to explain my thoughts to Amatia, who doesn't actually watch the show.
Sky: This episode is eight or nine kinds of slashy
Amatia: heeeeee
Sky it is so. painfully. slashy
Sky: Okay, so the background is that Dylan and Tyr are from different races, and Tyr's race wants to rule the universe, but Tyr's been working on their ship for three years
Sky: Now Tyr has finally betrayed them and this meeting, after Dylan has chased them down, should be yelling and maybe some shots fired, but I swear they're both going to break down into tears
Sky: And talking about Dylan is beautiful and knows Tyr too intimately
Amatia: uhm
Sky: i think this is supposed to be all violent betrayal, but in every scene, it's more like a very sensitive high school boy moving to a new town
Amatia: ahahahah
Sky: Lots of tears. I'm frankly surprised there's no hugging
Amatia: there's crying but no hugging?
Sky: not real crying, more very watery eyes
Amatia: aww
Sky: i think he may have just abandoned his betrayal in favor of warm fuzzy moments
Sky: Harper, the engineer, I adore him. I think Tyr might french him
Sky: This is the strangest episode ever

Oh, and one last montage of beefcake shots. My mother will enjoy that.
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